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Keep up with the lastest RMGPA News

Rocky Mountain Chapters Quarterly Newsletters keep our member current on what is going on in our chapter, what is going on in procurement regionally and what is going on at NIGP. 




  • January 2023 Newsletter [downloadGreetings from David Musgrave, Winter Conference "Winning in the West" Conference Update and much more.
  • April 2023 Newsletter [downloadGreetings from David Musgrave, Procurement Month Celebration, Member Spotlight, NIGP Leadership Summit, Cooperative Purchasing, Member Resources and much more




  • Summer 2022 Newsletter    [download ]

    We hope everyone is finding ways to stay cool during this hot, hot summer!!  One way to stay cool would be to nominate a deserving team or team member for one of RMGPA's many awards - information on how to do so is in this quarter's newsletter!

  • Spring 2022 Newsletter    [ download ]

    Do you want to volunteer on an RMGPA committee but you're not sure how to go about doing so?  Inside this edition, you'll find the information you need to join our amazing team!  

  • Winter 2021-2022 Newsletter    [ download ]

    This year's Winter Conference was packed with information, fun, celebrating, and PEOPLE!  Check it out!


  • Fall 2021 Newsletter    [ download ]

    The leaves are falling and it's officially the season of pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls!  Inside this edition: Recognition, recognition, recognition!  Upcoming trainings, classes and webinars as well as information on the Winter Conference (get a free t-shirt!).

  • Summer 2021    [ download ]

    Summer Virtual Conference was a success!!!  Plus a look back on 40 years of RMGPA.

  • Spring 2021    [ download ]

    April showers bring may flowers.  Let's hope April snow does the same!   In this edition, learn how we can help to straighten each others crowns and help in celebrating the accomplishments of your fellow RMGPA members.

  • Winter 2020 Newsletter    [ download ]

    Happy New Year!  Check out this issue for exciting RMGPA celebrations, the announcement of the 2021 Board of Directors and great articles with useful takeaways.  



  • Fall 2020 Newsletter    [ download ]

    Fall is here!  The leaves are changing color and cooler temperatures and the smell of pumpkin spice are upon us.  Check out this issue for information regarding RMGPA's Learning Lunch sessions, as well as, an article regarding change management, which is particularly relevant in these ever changing times.

  • Summer 2020 Newsletter    [ download ]

    Shaken, not stirred, is how we are rocking Summer 2020. Read the Procurement Resources section for ways to stay cool during the sizzling summer months.

  • Spring 2020 Newsletter    [ download ]

    Spring is in the air! Temperatures are warming up and birds are singing. As we navigate major events, take some time to celebrate procurement success via the Manager and Buyer of the Year articles. Particularly relevant this issue are articles regarding contracting pearls of wisdom and electronic bids. 

    Stay safe. Stay healthy.  

  • Winter 2019 Newsletter    [ download ]

    Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! Be sure to check out the 2019 In Pictures page. Proof that Procurement people are party people!


  • 2019 Fall Newsletter    [ download ]

    The Fall edition of the RMGPA newsletter contains a cornucopia of information.

  • Summer 2019 Newsletter    [ download ]

    Happy Summer! The newsletter contains information on upcoming events, the experience of previous events, and exciting training opportunities offered by NIGP and RMGPA. Never stop learning!

  • Spring 2019 Newsletter    [ download ]

    Welcome to the Spring edition of the RMGPA newsletter! Be sure to check out legislative updates, the Spring Conference photo gallery, and this quarter's Spotlight. 


  • 2018 Fall Newsletter    [ download ]

  • 2018 Newsletter Issue II    [ download ]

  • 2018 Newsletter Issue I    [ download ]

    Letter from the President

    How a bill becomes law in Colorado

    Procurement Month

    UNC 2018 Procurement Month

    Professional Development

    NIGP Forum

    New Certifications

    Manager of the Year

    Spring Conference

    Contracts Corner

    RMGPA Website tips

    Member spotlight


  • 2017 Issue III    [ download ]

    • Letter from the President
    • The Train to Forum
    • RMGPA 2017 Fall Conference
    • RMGPA 2017 Reverse Vendor Trade Show
    • State of Colorado Code
    • Modernization
    • News from the
    • Communications Committee
    • NIGP Forum from a First Time Attendee—2017 
    • Skeet on a Stick
    • The Value of Multi-Attribute Certification for Government Purchasers
    • Volunteering
    • Curt’s Corner
    • Procurement Teams: Be Ready for Any Type of Emergency
    • Become a Member
    • Spotlight on Member
    • Social Media and RMGPA
    • Contract Corner
    • Welcome
    • NIGP Library
    • Lions, Tigers & Bears
    • Meet Your Candidates
    • Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse
    • Professional Development
    • Upcoming Webinars
    • 2017 Board of Directors 
    • Strategic Plan
    • 2017 Board of Directors
  • 2017 Issue II    [ download ]

    • Letter from the President
    • 2017 NIGP Forum
    • RMGPA 2017 Summer Conference
    • RMGPA 2016 Distinguished Service Award
    • The Value of Professional Certification
    • News from the Communications Committee
    • Contracting for Charter Schools
    • What’s Happening with Chapter Enhancement?
    • How Can You Get “Better” Solicitation Responses?
    • It’s All About the People              
    • Become a Member of RMGPA
    • Spotlight on Member
    • Solving a Common Challenge
    • Getting to We
    • Social Media and RMGPA
    • Social Media in Public Procurement
    • Beginning With the End in Mind
    • Professional Development
    • UPPPC Certifications
    • Congratulations & Welcome
    • Training Opportunities
    • Dear RMGPA...
    • 2017 Board of Directors Strategic Plan
    • 2017 Board of Directors
  • 2017 Issue I    [ download ]

    • Letter From the President
    • All Aboard
    • RMGPA 2017 Spring Conference
    • News from the Communications Committee
    • We’re Just Up The Road A Spell
    • NIGP Membership
    • A Second Life
    • Observations from the Outside
    • Spotlight on New Member
    • How Cooperative Purchasing Supports Government Technology Initiatives
    • Welcome to Las Vegas!
    • What Can NIGP Do For You?
    • The Special Sauce
    • Rewards & New Members
    • A Talent for Leadership
    • Social Media and RMGPA
    • Sustainability & Chemicals
    • UPPCC Certifications
    • Rocky Mountain High School Career Xpo 2017
    • Professional Development
    • Training Opportunities
    • Dear RMGPA...
    • 2017 Board of Directors Strategic Plan
    • 2017 Board of Directors


 2016 Issue IV    [ download ]
    • Letter From the President
    • Volunteers Without Borders
    • RMGPA 2016 Winter Conference
    • News from the Communications Committee
    • The Proof is in the Garage
    • Curt’s Corner—Reflections from Retirement
    • UPPCC Recertification
    • How Do I select the Right Cooperative Contract?
    • An RFP Bucket List
    • Spotlight on Member... 
    • Chapter Manager Updates
    • Social Media and RMGPA
    • Awards & New Members
    • Are You Analyzing Your Concentrated Chemicals Spend Correctly?
    • Excellence in Achievement: Sterling Agency Certification Award
    • Why Volunteer?
    • NIGP Webinars & Training Opportunities
    • Dear RMGPA...
    • 2016 Board of Directors Strategic Plan
    • 2016 Board of Directors
 2016, Issue III    [ download ]
    • Letter From the President
    • Just Say “Yes”
    • RMGPA Wins Extra-Large Chapter of the Year!
    • RMGPA 2016 Fall Conference Recap
    • My First RMGPA Conference:  Notes from a Newbie
    • CPPO & CPPB Certifications
    • Turn on Your GPS
    • Procurement Basics &
    • Olympic Gold
    • Spotlight on Member
    • Features for You on the RMGPA Website
    • Social Media and RMGPA
    • Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, Your Full E-Sourcing Solution
    • CPPB & CPPO Exam Dates 2016/2017
    • NIGP Webinars & Training Opportunities
    • Dear RMGPA...
    • 2016 Board of Directors Strategic Plan
    • 2016 Board of Directors
 2016, Issue II    [ download ]
    • Letter From the President
    • I want to be more involved with RMGPA! Now what?
    • RMGPA 2016 Summer Conference Recap
    • Curt’s Corner—Reflections from Retirement
    • Preparing for the Unexpected:  What Procurement Can Do Now Part II
    • Reactive to Proactive: Layering Your Security Resources for Your Utility Infrastructure, Critical Assets and Perimeters
    • Rocky Mountain High School Career Xpo
    • Spotlight on Member
    • Communicating with Members
    • Social Media and the Future of RMGPA
    • NIGP Webinars & Training Opportunities
    • 2016 Board of Directors Strategic Plan
    • 2016 Board of Directors
  • 2016, Issue I    [ download ]

    • RMGPA 2061 Spring Conference Recap
    • Every Contribution Counts - Celebrating RMGPA Volunteers
    • Curt's Corner
    • Preparing for the Unexpected: What Procurement Can Do Now
    • Body Camera Initiatives Re-quire Careful Consideration
    • Spotlight on Member...Fady Elsegeiny
    • Communicating With Our Members


Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association

Established over 35 years ago, the Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association (RMGPA) is a diverse, non-profit organization whose membership includes purchasing officers, agents, buyers, managers and others associated with public purchasing throughout Colorado and Wyoming. RMGPA has been a member Chapter of NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement since 1987.

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